Cashback Terms and Conditions

1. The process of how you earn cashback

1.1 We act as an advertising agent for retailers in the cashback process. When you click the link that takes you to their website, we are supplying the retailer with your business.

1.2 As a reward for this business we get commission from the retailer, or from any tracking agencies that they use. We then forward to you a proportion of this commission as “cashback”.

2. Membership and usage of the site

2.1 We reserve the right to terminate any membership, as well as to refuse membership to anyone who does not adhere to these terms and conditions.

2.2 We regard the legal owner of the email address which is used to join the site, as the owner of the account.

3. How to manage your account

3.1 Please make sure that your account is kept up to date with all your current details, as you may otherwise miss cashback.

3.2 In your account profile, there are ways you can manage your profile. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to various emails we may send to you here.

3.3 Please note, you cannot unsubscribe to service emails as they are deemed essential to be able to use the site effectively.

4. How you can earn cashback from the site

4.1 All transactions are made directly with the retailer, not with us.

4.2 All purchases are tracked by the retailer’s site using various forms of technology including cookies. This technology informs the retailer of who made the purchase, when it was made and where the initial link came from.

4.3 This information allows the retailer to then inform us that a purchase has been made that originated on our site and that cashback is “pending”.

4.4 Once the retailer confirms the payment and the cancellation period has expired, this will turn from “pending” to “confirmed” in your account.

4.5 Once a minimum cashback amount of £25.00 is reached, this will go from “confirmed” to “ready to withdraw” in your account. You may then withdraw this money in line with the pay-out terms and conditions.

4.6 Only cashback that fulfils the following terms and conditions can be paid:

  • i) Only clicking a link on our site and taking you through to the retailer’s site will activate the tracking that is needed for you to get paid cashback. If you go to the retailer’s site in any other way, you will not be paid cashback, as the transaction will not be tracked in the same way.
  • ii) You need to be logged in to your cashback account in order for the technology to track the cashback back to you.
  • iii) You need to complete the transaction in one visit. If you take more than one visit to complete a transaction, the tracking mechanism may not work, and you may not be paid.
  • iv) Repeat purchases may not comply with the retailer’s terms and conditions, which may result in your not receiving cashback. Please check this before you make your purchase.
  • v) You must make purchases for genuine reasons.
  • vi) The commission is entirely at the discretion of the retailer. You acknowledge that, should the retailer refuse to pay commission to us for any reason, we cannot pass on any cashback for that transaction.
  • vii) You agree that any cashback is forfeited if the account has to be terminated for any reason.
  • viii) The originating transaction has not been cancelled or refunded

4.7 Cashback will be forfeited to us in certain circumstances:

  • i) Where we are unable to determine the account the cashback is assigned to, for example if the user was logged out or uses certain blocking software that disrupt the process
  • ii) Where cashback is against an account that is inactive, if the account hasn't been logged into for 12 months

4.8 The retailer’s decision on whether to award commission on a transaction is final and cannot be appealed by us. Therefore, if we do not receive commission from the retailer, we cannot pass on any cashback to you, and again this decision is final and cannot be appealed.

4.9 You agree that all payments of cashback are at our discretion.

4.10 We reserve the right to reclaim or adjust any cashback that is paid to you in error and you agree to repay any cashback paid to you in error.

4.11 No cashback is held in a bank on your behalf and cashback only becomes payable to you once it is in the “ready to withdraw” pot.

5. How to withdraw cashback from your account

5.1 Only when your confirmed cashback balance reaches a minimum of £25.00 can this money be withdrawn.

5.2 You can then submit a request for the money to be transferred to you.

5.3 We cannot be responsible for any cashback that is paid into the wrong account due to incorrect account details being supplied to us. This money may not be recoverable, or there may be a recovery fee to get the money back which may be more than the initial amount.

5.4 Please be aware that the time taken for payment of cashback may vary. Please allow at least 10 working days for payment to be made.

5.5 We are not liable for any consequences that may occur due to your cashback payment being delayed for any reason.

5.6 If we suspect fraudulent activity may be taking place, we reserve the right to suspend payment of cashback whilst this is being investigated. We do not have to give notice that this action will take place, but we will inform you if and when it does happen.

6. Voucher Codes

6.1 Voucher codes are advertised on our site. These can also be called Coupon Codes, or Discount Codes.

6.2 We take no responsibility if, for any reason, the Voucher Code does not work, or is not applied to the purchase.

6.3 You must use our site, in conjunction with the cashback offer, to click through to the retailer’s site in order to use the Voucher Code. If you use the Voucher Code by accessing the retailer’s site in another way, the Voucher Code may be invalidated and result in you not receiving cashback.

6.4 If you use a Voucher Code not obtained from our site, this may result in cashback not being paid on that transaction.

7. Account Termination

7.1 Should you wish to terminate your account with us, this can be done at any time.

7.2 Simply click the link in your account settings and follow the instructions on how to terminate the account.

7.3 We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time, if we suspect fraudulent, abusive or any other activity that we deem to not comply with the terms and conditions set out here.

8. Changes to Terms and Conditions

8.1 We may change or amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. This will be in order to comply with our member’s needs and preferences, as well as our needs and preferences as a business.

8.2 Please make sure that you read these terms and conditions regularly, to make sure that you are following the up to date version.

9. Prevention of fraud

9.1 We reserve the right to apply any fraud prevention measures that we need, in order to comply with industry standard technology in this area.

9.2 We will investigate any activity on this site that we consider may be fraudulent. This includes (but is not restricted to):

  • i) Passing your details to third parties with whom we work, in order to investigate any suspected fraudulent activity.
  • ii) Termination of any account that we deem to have had fraudulent activity on them.
  • iii) Any accounts terminated in this way will forfeit any cashback accrued.

10. Viruses and prevention

10.1 We are not responsible for any viruses and we use the latest anti-virus technology to try to prevent them.

10.2 You must not introduce viruses to the site. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • i) viruses
  • ii) worms
  • iii) trojans
  • iv) logic bombs
  • v) any other malicious material

10.3 We do not guarantee that the site is free from bugs or viruses (though we do our utmost to prevent them). We are not liable for any disruption, damage or loss incurred from interaction with this site.

10.4 Please use your own anti-virus technology when accessing the site.

10.5 You are responsible for the computer technology you use to access the site, as well as the platform and the configuration used.

10.6 You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to this site, the server it is held on or any other database, server or computer attached to it.

10.7 There must be no “denial of service”, or “distributed denial of service” attacks on this site. This is against the law and we will help and assist the relevant authorities in their efforts to seek and prosecute any people who do not adhere to this. We withhold the right of disclosing information we hold on people who break this rule, to the relevant authorities. Anyone who carries out a “denial of service”, or “distributed denial of service” attack would be in breach of the 1990 “Computer Misuse Act”. In breach of this rule will end your membership immediately and all cashback earned will be forfeited.

11. Responsibility regarding external websites

11.1 We bear no responsibility for any websites that we link to.

11.2 The links provided to you are for your information and should not be construed as approval by us or anything it contains.

11.3 We do not control any of the content of retailer’s websites, so we bear no responsibility for this content.

11.4 We do not endorse any content of the retailer’s website that we link to.

11.5 We cannot control the linked pages. If they are not working this will be the responsibility of the retailer.

11.6 If you are offended by the content of any retailer’s website, please let us know so that we can investigate.

11.7 If any link is broken, please let us know.

12. Suspension or withdrawal of the site

12.1 We cannot guarantee that the site will always be available. There may be times when the service is interrupted, but we will attempt to fix this as quickly as possible.

12.2 There may be operational reasons why we need to restrict, suspend or withdraw the site for a period of time. We reserve the right to do this. This may apply to the whole of the site, or parts of the site.